We are a company which provides complete solutions to investors by using the most efficient methods in project implementation for maximizing the profit of our clients as well as for a cleaner environment.

The experience acquired in implementing investment projects together with our partners from Europe and Asia, provides our clients the safety in reaching their targeted objectives at the fixed deadlines by using innovative solutions and high quality standards.

The sustainability is our daily work so we are ready for the future.


Complete services

We take care of everything. We provide: consulting services, project management, design, operating licence, general contractor, machine supply, equipment and facilities, assembly and commissioning, testing and maintenance and other related services.

Maximum profitability

Every investor’s objective is profit. The experience of our team and direct collaborations with the large manufacturers which offer the best solutions of optimal prices are just two elements which contribute for maximising our client’s profit.

Minimum risks

In the beginning stage, during implementation and investments operation, we are constantly assessing the development stage of every project and the risks it faces so as to avoid any loss. We have experience in the interpretation of legislation and the capability of collaborating with involved public factors.

Time saving

Most of the projects encounter big issues and delayed terms regarding the necessary time for permits, approvals and not only. The experience gained during projects and the competence of our involved experts team, know the most critical points which can lead to delays both in the design and authorisation stage and in the implementation stage of projects, fact that guarantees the possibility of ensuring an efficient management plan.


We are willing to manage every investment based on modules, our clients having the possibility to choose only for a part of our services or for their phased execution.