For the conducted projects, we can provide all the necessary services starting from the design idea to commissioning.


  • Project idea assessment,
  • Identification of the best technical solutions for an efficient implementation and operation,
  • Return on investment analysis – business plan.

Support for identification and accessing the finance sources. Drafting and supporting the documents for:

  • Accessing structural or European funds.
  • Projects funded from national funds.
  • Credit facilities or investments funds.

Design services:

  • Drafting of urban planning (PUZ /PUD), obtaining of all necessary permits and authorisations,
  • Drafting of feasibility studies and/or documents for approving the intervention works,
  • Drafting of technical projects, obtaining all necessary permits and authorisations,
  • Drafting the necessary documentations for obtaining the operating licence, etc.
  • Other specific documentation.

The sustainability is our daily work so we are ready for the future.